Electrolux Pure i9

Meet Pure i9 by Electrolux

With unparalleled navigation, a unique triangular design and brushes in all the right places, this powerful robotic vacuum is built to clean every nook and cranny of your home. Spend less time on housework and more time doing what you love with a robotic vacuum cleaner that actually works. 

The robotic vacuum you've been waiting for

Doesn't cut corners.

Your house isn’t round, so why is your vacuum? Pure i9 is designed with a triangular Trinity Shape™ and an extended side brush to reach all of the corners, tight spaces, and edges of your home. In fact, Pure i9 cleans up to 80% better than conventional robotic vacuums.

Great sense of direction.

Pure i9 sees the world with a 3D Vision System™ to spot objects in its path and avoid obstacles. It won't get tangled in stray cords or bump into breakable objects, and you won't find it stuck under furniture. Pure i9 will be right where you left it, charging up for next time.

Truly All-Terrain

Pure i9 climbs over thresholds up to an inch high and tackles even the toughest of floor surfaces–not even pet hair stands a chance. This all-terrain pro cruises from hardwood to carpet with ease, leaving nothing behind.

Spotless Floors at Your Fingertips

Whether you're hitting up the gym or heading to work, the Pure i9 app makes it super simple to maintain spotless floors on your time. Check in on your robot from afar or schedule cleaning ahead of time and forget about vacuuming altogether.



Whether its hardwood, carpet, or that extra fluffy rug you love, Pure i9 auto-adjusts to the floor type for maximum cleaning performance.

Recharge + Resume

If one charge doesn't do the trick, Pure i9 will make a pitstop to recharge and then get right back to it to finish the job in every room.

Full Detailed Specs

XXL Cleaning Path

An XXL cleaning path consisting of a wide front brush and extended side brush enable Pure i9 to pick up more dust in one pass than other robots.

sucking up the spotlight

"Electrolux Pure i9 offers excellent navigation and powerful cleaning abilities."

– PCMag

"Pure i9 is able to map out the best cleaning path for any given room, optimizing its workflow."

– SlashGear

"Pure i9 can reach difficult nooks and crannies to help ensure that every inch of your room is kept spick-and-span"

– Digital Trends

"It has performed well...sporting the best navigation we’ve ever seen in a robot vacuum and solid cleaning capabilities."

– Wirecutter

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